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Why isn’t my 2019 Mazda3 key working?

Five reasons your 2019 Mazda3 key may be malfunctioning 

We put a lot of wear and tear on our keys. We throw them in cramped purses, we toss them onto the counter, and we generally don’t pay too much attention to where we keep them. Keys just seem unbreakable, because we are used to the metal, classic keys of the past. However, your vehicle key fob has inner components that can be damaged, and you need to take care not to ruin them. Below, we have five reasons that your 2019 Mazda3 key fob may not be working.  

  1. You tossed your key in your purse and didn’t pay attention to what it is on. The Mazda3 key is a transmitter that uses low-intensity radio waves. Thus, it may not work correctly when it is carried with a communication device such as cellular phones. That’s right. Not many people know that they should avoid placing their key fob on or next to their phone, but it just may be the culprit to your issue. 
  2. You installed non-Mazda genuine electronic equipment into your vehicle. There is a reason that Mazda and other manufacturers want you to use their genuine parts and accessories. They know that those parts and accessories won’t cause any problems. 
  3. You let your key get wet, hot, or cold. Unfortunately, your key can be sensitive to water, heat, or cold. Think of it like your phone. You probably wouldn’t put your phone in water, let it sit out in the sun, or leave it out in below-freezing temperatures. Treat your key fob the same. 
  4. The key was exposed to any kind of magnetic field. This one may sound a bit confusing, but really, it is easy enough to avoid. Just don’t put any magnets or related items near or on your keys, the same way you wouldn’t put a magnet by your television.  
  5. The key has been damaged by physical force. This one may seem obvious, but it is an important reminder not to throw your keys around haphazardly. Keys can be damaged if they land hard or if something larger is put on top of them. Just pay attention to where you put your keys. 

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These general guidelines are also available in the 2019 Mazda3 Digital Owner’s Manual.  

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