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Helpful tips for caring for your tires

Tire care is a vital part of automotive maintenance. There are several things you need to remember to do to keep your tires happy and healthy. If gone unchecked, you will have to replace your tires much sooner than you should have to. Keep reading to learn more about basic tire care tips. 

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3 important tips for tire care 

Get your tires rotated 

A tire rotation is one of the most commonly performed services you’ll have done on your vehicle. When you get your tires rotated, you are ensuring that each part of each tire wears down evenly. The technician will remover each tire and literally rotate them onto different parts of the wheel. You should have your tires rotated about once every 5,000 miles. 

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Get a wheel alignment 

Over time, your front wheels naturally become misaligned. This, too, can cause uneven tire wear and it can make it difficult to drive in a straight line. A simple alignment service will get you straightened out again in no time. We recommended getting your alignment checked at least once a year. 

Check your PSI levels closeup of tire tread

You likely can’t perform your own tire rotation or wheel alignment, but you can easily check your tire pressure. Every two weeks or so, you should use a tire gauge to check your PSI levels. Your recommended tire pressure should be posted inside your driver’s side door or listed in your owner’s manual. 

These simple tips ought to keep your tires well-maintained and in great shape. Come to Tuttle-Click Mazda for your next tire care service or if you need any other questions answered! 

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