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An image during an oil change where new oil is being poured into a vehicle.

Tuttle-Click Mazda Offering Free Oil Change and Service for Healthcare Workers

Essential Car Care Program Offers Free Service for Healthcare Workers at Tuttle-Click Mazda

Each day, healthcare workers are putting their lives on the line to keep us healthy. At Tuttle-Click Mazda, we want to give back by supporting Mazda’s Essential Car Care Program, which offers a free oil change and enhanced vehicle cleaning to those in the healthcare field.

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two people getting a new car key

Why isn’t my 2019 Mazda3 key working?

Five reasons your 2019 Mazda3 key may be malfunctioning 

We put a lot of wear and tear on our keys. We throw them in cramped purses, we toss them onto the counter, and we generally don’t pay too much attention to where we keep them. Keys just seem unbreakable, because we are used to the metal, classic keys of the past. However, your vehicle key fob has inner components that can be damaged, and you need to take care not to ruin them. Below, we have five reasons that your 2019 Mazda3 key fob may not be working.  

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two men working under car

Where can I get my Mazda serviced in Irvine, CA?

Owning a car comes with plenty of responsibilities. You need to take care of routine maintenance needs as well as special services that come up. Of course, these services aren’t cheap. If you’re spending a lot of money to get your car fixed, you should make sure you are taking it to a trusted service center. That is where we come in. Keep reading to learn more about services here at Tuttle-Click Mazda.  Read the rest of this entry >>