very cheesy pepperoni pizza

Pizza restaurants in Irvine CA 

There is never a bad time for pizza. It’s America’s favorite food, after all. Especially here in Southern California, we can go out and enjoy a delicious pizza whenever we want. Something about the combination of dough, mozzarella, marinara, and pepperoni is just magical. Since every time of year is a good time of year, let’s take a look at some of the Irvine area’s best pizza joints. There are a few amazing places to stuff your face.  Read the rest of this entry >>

mazda 6 interior, white seats

Tips for keeping your Mazda clean

Keeping a car clean and tidy can be tough to do consistently, especially if you have kids or other frequent passengers. It is so easy to toss a fast food receipt somewhere or to leave junk in the back seat. Eventually, you might get to the point where you can’t fit any passengers because you have too much crap on your seats and floor. If that hasn’t ever been you, you probably know a messy friend who could use the following few tips on how to keep a car clean.  Read the rest of this entry >>

flat car tire

Steps to change a tire 

A flat tire can happen to anyone. In fact, it probably will happen to you at least once throughout your driving life. People everywhere have to get their spare tire out and get it in place of a flat or popped tire. How do they do it though? As a car owner, this is one of the most important tasks you should know how to do. Let’s go through twelve simple steps.  Read the rest of this entry >>