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Let Tuttle-Click Mazda Help You!

At Tuttle-Click Mazda, we are proud to be the bad credit car dealership where California drivers come for bad credit car loans. At our Mazda dealership, we understand the difficulty of having to ask for bad credit financing or a sub-prime car loan. We often have the pleasure of speaking with drivers from Mission Viejo to Lake Forest, CA, who feel uncertain and overwhelmed by the task of seeking out and securing bad credit financing. Luckily, the concern ends when you speak with the talented team of finance associates at Tuttle-Click Mazda. We have experience with helping a full gamut of credit ratings and are here to guide you through the process of getting the financial help you deserve. At Tuttle-Click Mazda, our dealership's goal is to ensure that you fully comprehend the steps we will take together during the bad credit financing process. First, we will answer any questions that you have. Then, we will carefully review your unique credit rating. Something you can do to get the ball rolling is complete and submit a credit application. The secure, online credit application is only a tool that will let us gather the information we need to get you financed and carries no obligation. We want to help you get the foothold you need to begin repairing your bad credit. After we receive your credit application, we will go over the following:

  • Your Financial Records
  • Your Debt-To-Income Ratio
  • Your Credit Score
  • The Factors That Led To Your Unique Credit Rating

Get Pre-Approved In Irvine, CA

Tuttle-Click Mazda in Irvine provides California drivers from Lake Forest to Mission Viejo with the bad credit financing they need. Our skilled team of finance associates has steady partnerships with a network of automotive lenders. These relationships allow our finance department to aggressively pursue finance rates that meet your budget. Speak with us directly at Tuttle-Click Mazda and discover a car dealership where you are treated with courtesy and respect.

History Of Bad Credit Financing

If you have bad credit financing or sub-prime auto loans in the past, it does not impact your ability to be approved for aid today. Our finance associates have helped many drivers who have less than perfect credit situations. We can also help you take control of:

  • Your repossession
  • Your bankruptcy filing
  • Your divorce
  • Your foreclosure
  • Any financial landmark that negatively impacted your credit score

You should have vehicle financing that gives you the ability to make your monthly payments with ease; you should have assistance from Tuttle-Click Mazda! Our friendly staff is here to help.

You May Still Be Eligible

Being awarded bad credit car financing takes more into account than your bad credit rating. Lenders take several factors into account when helping drivers with bad credit. Some of these factors are the size of down payment you plan to offer, your income-to-debt ratio as well as how much you're looking to borrow. Our Mazda dealership reviews your credit history to learn what landmarks caused that low credit score to begin with. If any of the following were a factor in creating your bad credit score, you might still be eligible:

  1. Writing bad checks
  2. Missing payments
  3. Foreclosure

Your Next Car

After you have been awarded bad credit car financing, and decided on the size of your down payment, it will be time to buy a car from Tuttle-Click Mazda in Irvine, CA, near Lake Forest and Mission Viejo. Our Mazda dealership carries a full selection of used vehicles. While you are here browsing our website, click on our stock of used cars then speak with a sales associate about a test drive.